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I am deleting this because you do not want to become experienced googologists. The reason is that experienced googologists like Sbiis Saiban, Pellucidar12, PsiCubed2 and Cloudy176 are just so rude. No matter how large a number, they can always one up it, so what is the point if it is not the largest number you could come up with since you do not have time, and people are just going to be rude and add 1 to it. I understand googology is a hobby, but please do not make it into a game of one upsmanship, because that is what experienced googologists do, they try to one up each other rudely. If someone like me made Sasquatch+1, I would just get rude comments saying "IT'S A SALAD NUMBER GODDAMMIT" and "IT IS INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM SASQUATCH ITSELF" or "SINCE IT IS A SALAD, IT IS NOT YOUR INVENTION" and then they make salad numbers and everyone loves it. I deserve respect for my numbers as well, not an infinite amount of competition and larger numbers, and I deserve the right to be respected just as others are. This is so rude, if anyone comes up with a good number, respect it instead of saying "IT IS NOT VALID BECAUSE IT IS A SALAD NUMBER" or "IT IS NOT VALID BECAUSE HFHJGFHJKFHJGGJTCKJYDKHGFKJYCMHKCJGJHGFKLFKYKFHJTFHJGGLKFYKJJHTUGKTHGVVCFCFXDZAEQEQEWESEWFYGUUIYYOPOPOLKLMKMKNJBJBHBJNNVFXDZDSDSDD" or maybe BIG FOOT DIGITS OR FUCK. Numbers deserve at least some respect, not just competition and infinite larger numbers in the comments which just one up each other.